Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 24-28

Weekly Lesson Plans September 24th-28th

Monday-BR #15 Read Bats and Bridges on page 60 answer questions 1 and 2.  Students will read a American Wildlife Association article about bats in Indiana that have a disease and are becoming endangered.  Students will work on their homework: chapter 3 vocab definitions pg. 86 (23 words).

Tuesday- BR # 16 1. What is the geosphere? 2. Where is most of the geosphere located? Students will take notes and have a discussion over Chapter 3 Section 1 The Geosphere.  Students will watch a 7 minute clip about the inside of our planet.

Wednesday- Pangea Activity. Students will take notes and have discussion over chapter 3 s.1 Earthquakes and palet tectonics.  Students will watch a video clip about exploring the earth.  Homework: Geosphere worksheet.

Thursday-BR #17 How are volconoes dangerous? How are volcanoes helpful? Students will watch a video clip about the dangers and benefits of volcanoes.  Students will have notes and discussion over chapter 3 S.1 Volconoes and erosion. Students will watch a 20 minute video about volcanoes. Homework: Ch 3 S.1 Review questions #1-6 pg. 70

Friday- Students will watch Fearless Planet Grand Canyon and answer some questions.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sep 17-21

Weekly Lesson Plans September 17th-21st

Monday- Students worked on the Chapter 2 Review questions #1-27, 35 and 36 on page 53.

Tuesday- Students went to the Biology Crime Scene that is set up in the building.  Since we have been talking about the scientific method, models, scientific tools, etc. students made a list of as many observations as they could.  Then they were given the name of four suspects and they were supposed to write a one page story using their observations and explaining how the person died and which suspect is guilty.  Then they were to write a one page paragraph about how they used the scientific method to determine their outcome.

Wednesday- Students took the chapter 2 vocab quiz.  Then students had the res of the period to work on their chapter 2 study guide.

Thursday- Students will trade and grade their study guide and then play the game show review.

Friday- Chapter 2 Test

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Lesson Plans September 10-14
Reminder: This is Homecoming Week.  Powderpuff is at 6pm on Wednesday.  The Homecoming Football Game is on Friday at 7pm. The Homecoming Dance is in the cafeteria on Saturday at 8pm.

Monday- BR # 12 Why should the results of an experiment be repeatable?  What is the difference between a hypothesis and a prediction?  Quiz over Chapter 2 S.ection1.  Students will take notes and have a discussion over Chapter 2 Section 2.  Homework: Active Reading: Statistics and Models. 

Tuesday- BR # 13 How do you make decisions? What kinds of factors do you consider when making a decision?  Quiz over chapter 2 Section 2.  Students will take notes and have a discussion over chapter 2 section3.  Homework: Active Reading: Making Infrormed Decisions.
Wednesday- BR # 14 Read "Saving the Everglades" pg. 48 answer both questions.  Students will take a Quiz over Chapter 2 S.3.  Students will watch a video clip and answer some questions about the Everglades. Homework- None
Thursday- Students will watch a BBC Documentary about Jane Goodall.  The video is a cinematic portrait of the great zoologist and the chimpanzees she has spent a lifetime studying.  This will review some concepts in chapters 1 and 2 about what science is, what scientists do, the scientific method, making informed decisions etc.
Friday- Half Day! Class Games!