Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lesson Plans

As of 9-12, administrators want all teachers to have the same format for their lesson plans.  Mrs. Stallings Environmental lesson plans can be found at

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8-12

Weekly Lesson Plans September 8th-12th

Monday- BR# 12 1. Why should the results of an experiment be repeatable?  2. What is the difference between a hypothesis and a prediction? Students will take a quiz over Chapter 2 S. 1 about the Scientific Method.  Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 2 S.2 about Statistics and Models. Homework: Active Reading Statistics and Models.

Tuesday- BR# 13 1. How do you make decisions? 2. What factors do you consider?  Students will have a quiz over chapter 2 S.2. Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 2 S.3 about Making Informed Decisions.  Homework: Active Reading Making Informed Decisions.

Wednesday- BR# 14 Read :Saving the Everglades" pg. 48 answer both questions.  Students will have a quiz over Chapter 2 S.3.  Students will watch a video about The Florida Everglades.

Thursday- Students will watch a video about Jane Goodall.

Friday- Students will have a vocab quiz over the 20 vocab words for Chapter 2.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sept 1-5

Weekly Lesson Plans September 1st-5th

Monday- No School

Tuesday- BR# 8 Look on page 32.  How would these videos help scientists?  Students will watch some video clips reviewing some concepts about pollution, and sustainability.  Homework: Chapter 2 Vocab pg. 52.

Wednesday- BR# 9 What kind of tools do you think scientists use? Students will work on a Poison Pump activity.  Students will watch a video clip about John Snow and the water pump problem of 1894.

Thursday- BR# 10 1. What is an observation? 2. Why might scientists be measuring the wolf's tail in the picture on page 33?  3. Once they make measurements how might the scientists use these measurements?  Students will begin taking notes over Chapter 2 Section 1.  Students will complete the Quick Lab about Hypothesizing ad Predicting.  Homework: Map Skills.

Friday- BR# 11 Read "The Experimental Method in action at Knee High School" on page 35 and answer both questions in your journal.  Students will watch some video clips about scientific studies on trees.  Students will complete the Activity: Park it right here on page 35.  If notes from section 1 were not finished we will finish them.  Students will have a quiz over Chapter 1 S. 1 on Monday.