Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8-12

Weekly Lesson Plans April 8th-12th

Monday-BR# 42 Students read about Hurricane Katrina on pg. 207. Answer the what do you think questions at the bottom. Students took notes and had discussion over Freshwater S.3 Flowing Water.  Homework: Acoustics explain why boats and animals collide.

Tuesday- Students will work on their Freshwater Biome Study Guide.

Wednesday-Students will watch Bill Nye Wetlands to review some of the important concepts they learned this chapter about Wetlands.  Then the will have the rest of the period to finish their Freshwater Study Guide.

Thursday-Students will trade and grade the Freshwater Study Guide and then play a review game.

Friday- Freshwater Biome Test.  Extra Credit will be given out after the test.

April 1-5

Weekly Lesson Plans April 1st -5th

Monday- Students will watch the Planet Earth Freshwater video as an introduction to Freshwater Biomes.

Tuesday- Students will finish the Planet Earth video from Monday.  Then students will read an article about How Climate Change Makes Migrations Longer for Birds.

Wednesday- BR#40 1. Describe the different plants and animals in the aquarium.  2. What requirements do the fish in the aquarium need to live? 3. What would happen if a fish from the ocean were added to the aquarium? Students took notes over Freshwater S.1.  Homework: S.1 Review Questions

Thursday- BR#41 Read Wetlands in the U.S. pg. 206. Answer questions 1-4 in your journal.  Students will take notes over Freshwater S.2 Standing water.  Students will have a worksheet about S.2.

Friday- Students will watch a video about The Florida Everglades.  Then students will answer questions about the Everglades from A Annual Everglades Report.