Monday, April 8, 2013

April 1-5

Weekly Lesson Plans April 1st -5th

Monday- Students will watch the Planet Earth Freshwater video as an introduction to Freshwater Biomes.

Tuesday- Students will finish the Planet Earth video from Monday.  Then students will read an article about How Climate Change Makes Migrations Longer for Birds.

Wednesday- BR#40 1. Describe the different plants and animals in the aquarium.  2. What requirements do the fish in the aquarium need to live? 3. What would happen if a fish from the ocean were added to the aquarium? Students took notes over Freshwater S.1.  Homework: S.1 Review Questions

Thursday- BR#41 Read Wetlands in the U.S. pg. 206. Answer questions 1-4 in your journal.  Students will take notes over Freshwater S.2 Standing water.  Students will have a worksheet about S.2.

Friday- Students will watch a video about The Florida Everglades.  Then students will answer questions about the Everglades from A Annual Everglades Report.

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