Monday, March 18, 2013

March 11-22

Weekly Lesson Plans for March 11th-22nd

Monday- Students are trading and grading their Study Guide over Forests. 

Tuesday- Students are taking the Chapter 9 test over Coniferous, Deciduous, and Rain Forests.  Extra Credit will be given after the test.

Wednesday- Students will be watching the old version of The Lorax.  Students will be exploring three exvironmental attitudes- conservationist, preservationist, and developmentalist. 

Thursday- To wrap up our Unit on Terrestrail Biomes, students will use the internet to research informatuion about any animal they choose.  They will have to identify several things such as: scientific name, specifit habitat, biome, specific features, activities, life span, gestation length, number of offspring, if they are migratory, what they eat, natural enemies, etc.  

Friday- Students will take the Discovery Education Science Test.

Spring Break! Have a great week!

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