Friday, August 31, 2012

Sep 3-7

Weekly Lesson Plans September 3rd-7th

Monday- No School

Tuesday- BR #8 Look at page 32.  How would these videos from the picture help scientists?  Show Youtube Clips about pollution and sustainability.  Homework: Chapter 2 Vocab p.52 there are 20 words.

Wednesday- BR #9 What kind of tools do you think environmental scientists use?  Poison Pump Activity- getting the students to understand scientific thinking and using logic.

Thursday- BR #10 1. What is an observation? 2. Why might scientists be measuring the wolf's tail in p.33?  3. Once they make the measurement how might they use it? Notes over Chapter 2 S.1  Quick Lab: about Hypothesizing and Predicting.  Homework: Map Skills

Friday- BR #11 Read "The Experimental Methos in Action at Knee High School" p.35 Answer questions 1 and 2.  You tube clips about tree coring, and reading tree rings.  Park it Right Here activity.  Finish chapter 2 section 1 notes and discussion.  Homework: Active reading: Scientific Methods.  Quiz over Ch 1 S.1 on Monday.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aug 27-31

Weekly Lesson Plans August 27th-31st

Monday- BR#4 List 5 things you can do to reduce your ecological footprint.  Finish slides from Section 2.  Students will take a quiz over section 2.  Homework: Concept Review and Vocab sheets.

Tuesday- BR #5 Read Chicken of the Trees p.30-31 and answer questions in your journal.  Students will have the rest of the period to work on their Study Guide.  Homework: Chapter 1 Study Guide. 

Wednesday- BR #6 Answer Questions 1-4, and 7-13 in your journal.  Trade and Grade the study Guide. Homework: study for the Chapter 1 test on Friday.

Thursday- BR#7 Read Lake Washington page 13. Answer question 1 in your journal.  Students will play the Game Show Review to get ready for the test tomorrow.

Friday- Chapter 1 Test.  Extra Credit due Monday.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chapter 1 Overview

Environmental Science Chapter 1 pages 4-31
Chapter 1 Overview
This chapter presents an overview of environmental science and the history of humans in the environment.  To solve environmental problems, we must be able to identify causes and describe solutions.  The chapter also examines environmental science in a social and economical context.

Chapter Goals- Students will be able to explain:
Chapter 1 S.1 Understanding Our Environment
1.      Define environmental science, and compare environmental science with ecology.
2.      List the five major fields of study that contribute to environmental science.
3.      Describe the major environmental effects of hunter-gatherers, the agricultural revolution, and the Industrial Revolution.
4.      Distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable resources.
5.      Classify environmental problems into three major categories.

Chapter 1 S.2 The Environment and Society
1.      Describe “The Tragedy of the Commons”.
2.      Explain the law of supply and demand.
3.      List three differences between developing countries.
4.      Explain what sustainability is, and describe why it is a goal of environmental science.
Key Terms
Environmental science
Natural resource
Law of supply and demand
Ecological footprint


Weekly Lesson Plans August 20th-24th

Monday- I will check that students have a binder and a journal just for my class for 10 points.  Students will participate in a Peanut Lab in which they will be describing, measuring, weighing, and drawing a peanut that they choose out of a bowl.  The goal is to help students understand that when doing lab work they need to be very specific, descriptive, and accurate.  Students will fill out a following directions sheet to help them understand the importance of reading and following all directions.  Students will fill out a get to know you sheet and I will share with the students some of my background and interests.  Students will be assigned a Physical Science textbook. Reminder: Parent signature sheet is due on Tuesday the 21st.

Tuesday- BR#1 1. What do you think when someone mentions the environment? 2. What do you think environmental science is?  Students will take notes and have discussion over the first portion of Chapter 1 Section 1 Understanding Our Environment.  Homework: Graphic Organizer from page 9.  There will be a quiz over Section 1 on Thursday.

Wednesday- BR #2 1. List some of the most significant environmental problems in the world today.  2. Name some of the environmental problems in the local community.  Students will take notes and have discussion over the second portion of Chapter 1 Section 1 Understanding Our Environment.  Homework: Active Reading: Understanding Our Environment. Reminder: Quiz over Ch1S1 tomorrow.

Thursday- BR#3 Brainstorm a list of ways that economics is related to the environment.  Quiz over Chapter 1Section1.  Students will take notes and have a discussion over Ch.1.S.2. The Environment and Society.  Homework: Active Reading: The Environment and Society.  Quiz tomorrow over Ch1.S.2.

Friday- BR#4 List 5 things you can do to reduce your ecological footprint.  Quiz over Ch1.S.2.  Go to the computer lab to calculate ecological footprints.  Homework: Concept Review.  Reminder: Vocab Quiz next Tuesday, Test on next Friday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aug 13th-17th

Weekly Lesson Plans
August 13th-17th

Monday- No School

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- Teachers Institute

Thursday- Students will get an assigned seat.  I will go over the class syllabus (this is posted on the right side if you want to check it out and see what the students will be learning and doing this year).
Extra Credit: bring in 2 kleenex boxes for 10pts any time starting Friday the 17th until Friday the 31st. 
Homework: Get a notebook (journal) and a 3 ring binder just for my class.  I will check that you have both for 10 points on Monday the 20th. If students cannot get these supplies they need to talk to me before class on Monday.

Friday- I will go over classroom rules with the students (also posted on the right).  I will also be going over how late passes work in my class, how to write a lab report, and how to outline a chapter.  Students will get sheets for all of these topics and they will be expected to keep all of them in their binder.
Homework: Students will get a parent signature sheet.  Their second assignment is to share my classroom rules with you and have you sign the sheet stating that you both have read and understand my rules especially the late passes.  The sheet is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday the 21st for 10 points.



Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to my blog!  The purpose for creating this blog is to help connect you with what is going on in my classroom. I will be posting weekly lesson plans, chapter summaries, chapter notes, pictures, and other important information about the class and science in the news. I hope that all of this information is helpful to you.

Mrs. Stallings