Friday, August 31, 2012

Sep 3-7

Weekly Lesson Plans September 3rd-7th

Monday- No School

Tuesday- BR #8 Look at page 32.  How would these videos from the picture help scientists?  Show Youtube Clips about pollution and sustainability.  Homework: Chapter 2 Vocab p.52 there are 20 words.

Wednesday- BR #9 What kind of tools do you think environmental scientists use?  Poison Pump Activity- getting the students to understand scientific thinking and using logic.

Thursday- BR #10 1. What is an observation? 2. Why might scientists be measuring the wolf's tail in p.33?  3. Once they make the measurement how might they use it? Notes over Chapter 2 S.1  Quick Lab: about Hypothesizing and Predicting.  Homework: Map Skills

Friday- BR #11 Read "The Experimental Methos in Action at Knee High School" p.35 Answer questions 1 and 2.  You tube clips about tree coring, and reading tree rings.  Park it Right Here activity.  Finish chapter 2 section 1 notes and discussion.  Homework: Active reading: Scientific Methods.  Quiz over Ch 1 S.1 on Monday.

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