Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan 7-11

Weekly Lesson Plans January 7th-11th

Monday- BR# 30 Why is it hard for trees to survive at the tops of very high mountains?  Students will finish the last few slides of Chapter 6 section 1 notes.  Students will complete a worksheet about What is a Biome?  Then students will read over Factors that Influence an Ecosystem and make several hypotheses.  Students will have a quiz over CH 6 S.1 on Tuesday.  Homework: None.

Tuesday- Students will take a Quiz over Ch 6 S.1 about biomes.  Then students will work on Factors that Influence an Ecosystem.  Students will graph altitude and precipitation for several different locations.  Homework: None

Wednesday- BR # 31 Read pg. 151 Eating the Bait answer questions 1 and 2.  Students will continue to work on Factors the Influence an Ecosystem.  They need to finish graphing the information about altitude and precipitation so they can answer the analysis questions.  If students do not finish it will be homework.

Thursday- BR#32 Read "Tracking Ocean Currents with Toy Ducks" pg. 95 answer both questions.  Students will take notes over Desert/Tundra.  Homework: One of Each Organism

 Friday- BR#33 Answer Questions 1-4 and 7 on pg. 178.  Students will finish their Desert notes.  Students will watch a short clip about American Deserts.  Students can work on their vocab assignment that is due at the end of the period.  Homework : Fighting in the Desert

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