Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb 4th-8th

Monday- BR# 38 1. Where is the shortgrass prairie located? 2. What plants grow in a shortgrass prairie?  3. What animals live in a short grass prairie?  4. What are the major threats of short grass prairies?  Students will take notes over Grasslands Part 2 Steppes.  Homework: Biofuels worksheet

Tuesday- Students worked on a Biome Map.

Wednesday- Students had time in class to finish their Biome Map.  Then we watched a video clip about Prairie Dogs.

Thursday- BR #39 1. What plants live in a remnant grassland? 2. What animals live in a remnant grassland? Students finish taking notes over the Grassland Prairie and Savanna.

Friday- Students watch the Great Plains Video.

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