Monday, March 18, 2013

March 11-22

Weekly Lesson Plans for March 11th-22nd

Monday- Students are trading and grading their Study Guide over Forests. 

Tuesday- Students are taking the Chapter 9 test over Coniferous, Deciduous, and Rain Forests.  Extra Credit will be given after the test.

Wednesday- Students will be watching the old version of The Lorax.  Students will be exploring three exvironmental attitudes- conservationist, preservationist, and developmentalist. 

Thursday- To wrap up our Unit on Terrestrail Biomes, students will use the internet to research informatuion about any animal they choose.  They will have to identify several things such as: scientific name, specifit habitat, biome, specific features, activities, life span, gestation length, number of offspring, if they are migratory, what they eat, natural enemies, etc.  

Friday- Students will take the Discovery Education Science Test.

Spring Break! Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 11th-15th

Weekly Lesson Plans March 11th-15th

Monday- Students are continuing to work on their Tree ID lab.

Tuesday- Students are continuing to work on their Tree ID lab.

Wednesday- Students are finishing the Tree ID lab.  If students are not done with the lab they have to come in during lunch, study hall, or after school to finish.  They have until Friday since the students have had 5-6 days in class to do the lab.

Thursday- Students are working on their Forest Study Guide.

Friday- Half Day.  Students are continuing to work on their Forest Study Guide. Study Guide is due on Monday the 18th.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Feb 25-Mar 1

Weekly Lesson Plans February 25th-March 1st

Monday- Students will take notes and have discussion over The Deciduous Forest.  Students will watch a clip about the Decidusous Forest and answer questions to a Video Quiz.

Tuesday- Students will take notes and have discussion over the Rain Forest.  Students will have homework over S.1 Coniferous Forest and S.2 Deciduous Forest.

Wednesday- Students will watch the Jeff Corwin Experience: Guyana Rain Forest Ecosystem.  Homework: History of Paper Making.

Thursday- Students will finsh the Rain Forest notes.  Homework: Forest Giant National Geographic Article.

Friday- Students will watch the Planet Earth Jungle Video

March 4-8

Weekly Lesson Plans March 4th-8th

Reminder: Journals are due for the 3rd quarter Friday #29-39

Monday- Students will finish the last part of the Planet Earth Jungle (tropical rain forest) video.  Then students will work on a Shark Dichotomous Key Activity.  This activity will introduce them to dichotomous keys that they will be using the rest of the week in lab.

Tuesday- Students will start the Tree Identification Lab.  They will be allowed to work in partners.  All work for the lab will be done in class.

Wednesday- Students will continue with the Tree ID lab.

Thursday- Students will continue with the Tree ID lab.

Friday- Journals are due #29-39 at the beginning of the period.  Students will continue with the Tree ID lab.