Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aug 18-22

Weekly Lesson Plans August 18th-22nd

Monday-I will check that students have a binder and a journal just for my class for 10 points.  Students will participate in a Peanut Lab in which they will be describing, measuring, weighing, and drawing a peanut that they choose out of a bowl.  The goal is to help students understand that when doing lab work they need to be very specific, descriptive, and accurate.  Students will fill out a following directions sheet to help them understand the importance of reading and following all directions.  Students will fill out a get to know you sheet and I will share with the students some of my background and interests.  Students will be assigned a Physical Science textbook. Reminder: Parent signature sheet is due on Tuesday the 19st.

Tuesday- BR#1 1. What do you think of when someone mentions the environment? 2. What do you think environmental science is?  Students will have discussion and take notes over Chapter 1 Section 1 Understanding Our Environment.  Homework: Graphic Organizer pg. 9.  Students will have a quiz over today's information on Thursday.

Wednesday- BR#2 1.List some of the most significant environmental problems in the world today. 2. What are some environmental problems in the local community? Students will have discussion and take notes over Chapter 1 Section 1 Understanding Our Environment.  Homework: Active Reading: Understanding Our Environment.  Reminder: Students will have a quiz over Ch 1 S.1 on Thursday.

Thursday- BR#3 Brainstorm a list of ways economics is related to our environment.  Students will have a quiz over Ch1 S.1  Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 1 Section 2 The Environment and Society.  Homework: Active Reading: The Environment and Society.

Friday- Students will be working in the library all period on a website that will allow them to calculate their ecological footprint.  Homework: Students need to finish calculating their ecological footprint if they did not finish in class.

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