Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 24-28

Weekly Lesson Plans September 24th-28th

Monday-BR #15 Read Bats and Bridges on page 60 answer questions 1 and 2.  Students will read a American Wildlife Association article about bats in Indiana that have a disease and are becoming endangered.  Students will work on their homework: chapter 3 vocab definitions pg. 86 (23 words).

Tuesday- BR # 16 1. What is the geosphere? 2. Where is most of the geosphere located? Students will take notes and have a discussion over Chapter 3 Section 1 The Geosphere.  Students will watch a 7 minute clip about the inside of our planet.

Wednesday- Pangea Activity. Students will take notes and have discussion over chapter 3 s.1 Earthquakes and palet tectonics.  Students will watch a video clip about exploring the earth.  Homework: Geosphere worksheet.

Thursday-BR #17 How are volconoes dangerous? How are volcanoes helpful? Students will watch a video clip about the dangers and benefits of volcanoes.  Students will have notes and discussion over chapter 3 S.1 Volconoes and erosion. Students will watch a 20 minute video about volcanoes. Homework: Ch 3 S.1 Review questions #1-6 pg. 70

Friday- Students will watch Fearless Planet Grand Canyon and answer some questions.

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