Monday, October 1, 2012

Oct 1-5

Weekly Lesson Plans October 1st-5th

Monday- Lab Analyzing S and P Waves.  Students will do the first half of the lab.
Students will:
-Compare the movement of S and P waves generated by an earthquake
-Graph data regarding S and P wave travel times
- Explain the relationship between distance and seismic wave travel time using graphed data
- Combine data to locate the epicenter of a simulated earthquake by triangulation.

Tuesday-Students will comtinue to work on their Lab Analyzing S and P Waves.

Wednesday- Students will continue to work on their Lab Analyzing S and P waves. Due Thursday.

Thursday- Br #18 Why do planes fly so high, often 10km off the ground? pg.71  Quiz over Section1.  Notes and discussion over Chapter 3 S.2 The Atmosphere.  Video Clips The earth's Atmosphere, and Northern Lights. Homework: The Atmosphere worksheet

Friday- No School!

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